Todays blog is just to clarify some info that some have been asking about in the group the question and the answer are simple really

Are Buckskins Traits?

The answer is really simple they are not traits every Buckskin are starter horses ¬†they are not traits….

Also again I will note this in my blog some people have been saying there food and salt licks are going alot faster but there is no issues with the food or salt licks I am going

to add some math in here to help people figure out how much food they should be using.

1 food will last 1 horse 1 month lets say you have 200 horses well in that case it would be 200 food a month

so lets see how many a day you should use

200 foods divided by 30 days 6.7 so add that up you will be using 7 foods a day


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