K9’s Are In Alpha!!!!!!

Well today we sent some excellent news out the K-9’s are in Alpha!!!! Yes this is very much true we are working hard on testing some bugs in the dogs to make sure that they are ready for the beta testing. Now some of you may be asking,

When is beta?  At this point in time I will tell you that beta starts very soon although we will not give you a date it is closer then some may think

How do I join beta? Very good question! If you want to be in beta you need to be sure to send a nc named “Amaretto K-9’s Beta (your avatar name)” to Jaymee Caproni we will then place your name into our random name giver if you are chosen we will send you an invite to the group 🙂

When will the K-9’s be released? Well that does depend on how well Alpha and Beta go.  As i said in we cannot give you a date for this just yet but rest assured we are working hard to make sure the K-9’s are very great quality.

Will this effect horse updates? Not at all. The horses will always be number 1 priority to Amaretto. We will continue to work hard on the horses as well as the dogs to make sure each and every breeder is satisfied with their breedable to the best of our ability.

With all of this being said I would like to say to the people that do get in beta Welcome and we will look forward to working with each and everyone of you to make sure the K-9’s are tested to there max. For those that do not get to be in beta your turn will be just around the corner with release of the wonderful K-9’s so bare with us as we make this venture into the world of the K-9’s.


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