Thank goodness it’s Friday!! This has been a long hot week for many people and I for one am glad it is over! I finished my week off on a high note today by teaching a very enjoyable class at Amaretto Ranch University!

Today’s class was called “Chasing Special Horses” and was all about Charmed, Mystique, Show Horses, Elementals and those elusive Albinos (Albiners for those of you who attended my class this morning).

I wanted to take a moment to thank the nearly 40 people that showed up for that class and asked some very hard (but good) questions!!
We teach these classes at the University twice a day on days there are classes. So if you cannot make the morning class be sure to attend the evening class. Just for fun you could go to both classes as no 2 teachers are ever the same!!

So tonight I hope to see you all at the class maleficent will teach starting at 5pm slt.
Remember to check the calendar of classes all you need to do is log in to the Amaretto Website, then look below your picture and choose ARU Calendar.

These classes are your opportunity to learn about Amaretto directly from Amaretto staff and also be able to ask us questions that you might have. We love myth busting so bring your books, notecards and best questions to class!


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