What’s your Excuse?

With the new Super Duper Amaretto Information Kiosk in all Amaretto Stores, it will make things easier for the community to know whats happening.


Okay , so now there can be no excuses on why you did not come out to the Amaretto Events and have fun .


Every Saturday at 5:00 pm Ava has Club Amaretto where we all hang out, dance, and play the sploder.


Karrie and I try and plan 3 different events each month. We’ve had dances, fishing tournaments, hunts, ice skating, game nights, a carnival, and Friday July 27th at 3:00 pm slt we will have our first Pool Party at Boomtown.


We try and plan fun things that the community will enjoy, so that we can hang out, meet, and really get to know our community. Hey, the Staff at Amaretto likes to have fun too !!!


I’m sure everyone has seen the Q&A notices where we answer questions at a specific location. Even if you don’t have a question you can come and hang out there with us. Sometimes we send notices that we are fishing at boomtown, or playing games or just hanging out there. We love to just hangout and talk.


If any of you have any ideas about what kind of events that you think would be fun, send them on a note card named events to either Karrie Woyseck or maleficent Farshore, and we will see if we can make it happen.


So for now, get your dancing shoes on for Saturday nights and your bathing suit ready for July 27th and be ready to have a great time !


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