Hello everyone, I wanted to talk you about the advertising system on the Amaretto website. All ads currently are priced at a flat rate per week ( no worries about having views or clicks expire just straight time ). Currently ads are priced in 4 tiers:

1 Week Rotations cost 10$USD or 2500L$ and will run 1 week from the date of Approval.

2 Week Rotations cost 19$USD or 4731L$ ( 5% Off ) and run 2 weeks from the date of Approval.

3 Week Rotations cost 27$USD or 6723L$ ( 10% Off ) and run 3 weeks from the date of Approval.

4 Week Rotations cost 34$USD or 8466L$ ( 15% Off ) and run 4 weeks from the date of Approval.

Now for the technical information you need to know about your future ad!

Ad Titles are limited to 25 characters

The logo for your ad can be any size up to 180 x 180 ( Pixels )

The body of your ad is limited to 135 characters

We review all ads placed in the system to ensure they are appropriate ( no profane language etc. etc. )

Placing an ad to advertise your market, your stud service or even your store is really simple just follow these steps:

First click on the button at the top that says Advertising and a new page will open.

Then Click on the red Create an Ad to open the ad editor/package selector.

Choose a package and click the blue Create an Ad button to go to the editor, in this window there will be a preview for your ad as you create it helping you decide exactly how your ad will appear ( the preview is actual size ).

If you have created an ad campaign already ( previously created an ad ) then you can add the new ad to that campaign if not you can enter a campaign name below if you want. ( Its only used to group your ads for your convenience )

Next if your ad has a URL ( like an in world SLUrl ) copy and paste it into the URL box so that when they click on the ad it takes them to the url.

Enter a title for your ad like So and So Stud Service.

Then give your ad a body text ( explain what you are advertising )Finally Upload your ad logo ( remember it has to be 180 x 180 or smaller )

Press continue and a new section drops down be sure its set to today’s date for start date and press continue

Once you press continue you will be asked to place order or edit ad. Please review your ad and make sure its how you want it. Press Place Order to submit your ad and proceed to the Pay With Pay Pal screen. This takes you to the Pay Pal Payment Gateway where you can complete your order and have your ad placed in the review queue. Within 24 hours we will review your ad and either approve it ( at which point the package starts but not before) or Deny it and send you a message with why it was denied ( refunds are issued if you chose not to place the ad after this ).You can also pay for the ad inworld using L$ here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amaretto%20Ranch%20Horses/91/147/22

I hope this helps everyone understand the Advertising system on the website. Enjoy


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