Let’s Slay The Lag Monster!

Hello everyone today I would just like to mention some helpful tips to help reduce lag on your Sims!

Now I know some of you don’t get the lag spikes that others do but as most people can agree when you have a lot of breedables on the same sim it can begin to lag at times. Well here are some helpful tips to help reduce that lag.

First thing that you can do is to turn off the animations in the horses/K-9′s/Barnyard Birds. This helps reduce lag when you have say 100+ on the same sim as each one runs its own animations and all that animation can cause lag in some cases.

Another thing you can do is to turn off movement. As we all know whenever anything moves the Sim has to keep track of it and if you have a 100+ Horses/K-9′s/Barnyard Birds on the same Sim that’s a lot for the Sim to keep track of.

You can also turn off sounds and this will help reduce the lag but wont have as much effect as Animations and Movement off will.

Now the hover text being turned off wont affect the lag what so ever.

So if your experiencing lag then try some of these steps and it should help the lag on your sim :)

Until Next time Happy Breeding everyone.


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