Fishing for FUN!

Happy Friday everyone!! We just finished an awesome Fishing event at Boomtown!  It was very nice to see you all out there having a good time.  I would like to congratulate the winners:

1st place:  Tony Kingsford

Starter pack of each Amaretto Breedable


1 Jumbo Pack of breedable food and salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds(your choice)

3rd place:  Nuno Eyre

1 Six pack breedable food (your choice)


4th place: Ariane Dereham

1 Six pack Salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds (Your choice)


5th place: Demonessa Afterthought

1 5% pregnancy booster (your choice)




Below you’ll see a few of the pictures taken at this event, if only you could tell how much fun this was by looking at a picture!

We hope to see you all out at the Amaretto 2nd Birthday Celebration which starts at 9am on Saturday September 1st



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