Happy Wednesday everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week! Over the weekend our Fall Fantasy Horses came out and everyone seems to really love them. Well it took us a little longer but we have now released our matching Fall Fantasy K-9s!
From September 26, 2012 until October 15, 2012 these Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s will be on sale at all Amaretto K-9 locations! They can be born with any of the available six different coat colors. The Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s also contain the beginnings of a brand new trait and the good news is…they ALL have it and you can see it!
That’s right these Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s have new Paw Polish traits! The Paw Polish trait is a new trait being added to the K-9s and it DOES have the ability to pass! There are six different designs which are random when purchased as is the gender. Wait there is more!! The Fierce Mist eye and Leaf collars have the ability to pass too!! However, the Fall Fantasy coats does NOT have the ability to pass. So get on over to a K-9 store near you for these cute Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s! Happy Breeding!


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