September in review!

What a month September was lets recap some of the things that happened!

First there was the 2 year bday party for Amaretto that’s right 2 years old and going strong!! on top of that September was a busy month for everyone with the latest being the Fall Fantasy K-9’s and Fall Fantasy Horses being released you have to just love them. Then there’s the Birthstone eye this month being the Morning Glory Sapphire which just looks amazing, Oh and lets not forget about the awesome new Albino Mystique Horse that was released as well ( it looks Amazing I tell ya ). September also saw the Best in Show Yorkie and the Amaretto Shetland Showhorse which are just so dang cute. The last 2 big things that happened in September was the Galaxy Horses and there was that surprise football party for the NFL Kickoff! With so many things happening in September its no wonder it went by so fast. Well I hope this was a good recap for you all about everything that happened in September and as always look back to see all the information listed about these things in the connections before this one.


until next time this is Tmzasz Luminos signing off.



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