Horsey Snack Attack!

Its another Manic Monday! Hai, everyone! hope everyone has enjoyed their day today. I was sitting around wondering what I should write about today when I got the suggestion to explain a little something about the horsey snacks!

When should you give you horse a horsey snack? Well I would recommend if you have a horse that is almost sick…… maybe I dunno you maybe left your horse in your inventory and forgot about. (not that I have ever done this LOL)

If you give a horse a snack it will decrease its nourishment by 10%. You can not give a sick horse 10 horsey snacks to make them better. So if the horse is already sick you can not give it horsey snacks!

However, if you had a horse that nourishment was at 98% you could give it multiple horsey snacks to bring nourishment back down to 0% this would prevent it from being sick. You can pick up horse snacks at any Amaretto Ranch Horse location or even in the Horse Haven Vendor!

Remember that you can not give a sick horse horsey snacks!

It may not be a bad idea to swing on down to Amaretto Ranch University and take the Horse Consumable class to keep you up to date on the most effective way to use all the consumables for the horses!

Remember guys to check those event calendars and I will see you at the next Amaretto Event!
This is Ava signing off! Happy breeding everyone!



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