Hey guys its terrific Tuesday! I wanted to take a few moments to remind everyone about two of our great products!

The Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy!

The Forever Foal makes the Retired horse so that It will not require food any more. All other normal functions for a Retired horse will still operate normally. Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired. This only works for Retired horses (Retired Horse-Horse that is greater than 120 days old) and can be used for both male and female Retired horses.

The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer require food. Of course ALL other functions for a Spayed/Neutered K-9 will still operate normally. Hover text will read Pet.
It’s important to know (cause we don’t want to turn any good breeding K-9 into a Pet prematurely) that the “Perpetual Puppy” will only work on Spayed/Neutered K-9s (over 126 days old) and can be used on either a male or female K-9

These are both great options to make those pets forever!

You can read up on both of these at the following links:



So be sure to read up on these and take advantage of them if you want to! Until next time, breed on!


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