TGIF! Hope everyone had a good week and received many amazing bundle, kennels and nests!

In group this week I have noticed a few times people asking what to do when their paired horses, K-9s or companioned Birds don’t breed. Well I have compiled a list of the fixes that I have seen posted in Amaretto Group chat by our awesome Community that have worked for many. Keep in mind these tips work for all 3 breedables.

1. The 1st step is always going to be to Re-rez them.
2. Check to be they are opposite sex – 1 male and 1 female. Don’t laugh it’s happened to all of us!
3. Check that they are the same versions. If not you can pick up a free updater at any store location.
4. Break the pairing/companionship on both menus and repair them.
5. If they are paired/companioned check the spelling of the names. If the name was spelled wrong when they were paired/companioned then it’s not going to work. Break the pairing/companionship and start over.
6. Check that they are not asleep.
7. Check that they are at full fervor/heat/vigor.
8. Check that they are breeding age.

If you’ve tried all these and they still have not bred:

1. Take to another sim and rez them out, sometimes they just like a change of scenery.
2. Try turning on movement for a bit, sometimes they just need a little exercise.
3. Pass them to an alt or a trusted friend and then have them send them back, sometimes a little trip can be nice.

Now after all that they are more than likely in the family way, but if you’ve tried all this and still are having trouble then please file a ticket on the support site and we’ll be happy to help you.

Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!!


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