Hurricane Sandy thoughts and prayers…..

Hello everyone! It’s a manic Monday again! I wanted to take the time to share with the entire Amaretto Community this is more than likely effecting many breeders you may know!

The storm, which has already cost hundreds of thousands of people power and caused flooding through the nation’s most populous region, has pounded the nation’s biggest city with hurricane-force winds for hours.

This storm is not only effecting the United States as it caused havoc in the islands and over the ocean before it ever reaches the United States coast. The storm is already a deadly one. The AP reports Sandy has been blamed for at least 69 deaths when it rumbled through the Caribbean.

This storm is not done causing devastation as it continues to move north.
Let our thoughts and prayers be with those in these places and in this time of emergency. Ava here signing off! Happy breeding everyone!


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