Hello everyone today I would like to share some pictures of the upcoming ARU Graduation ceremony!

First off is a picture of the grand Ceremony Hall!

aint  it awesome 🙂

Next is the entry to the hall with the waiting area for all you impatient waiters!

Now we move on to the main event the ceremony stage itself!

And then once its all said and done its time to PARTY!!!!

Now remember there are a few requirements that are needed to graduate from ARU and they are:

1. Be sure you have registered for the ARU Website

(see this blog for information on how to register http://amarettobreedables.com/connection/?p=3977 )

2. Be sure you have attended all ARU classes and turned in notecards for attendance

3. Create a Notecard

4. Name the Notecard –Application For Graduation (Your Full SL name)

5. Visit the ARU sim and drop your application for graduation in the mail box in the courtyard
Once she receives your notecard, your class attendance will be verified through our website. (make sure you register!) If you have all your classes and your application is accepted you will be contacted in world.


Now hurry and get those applications in and we will see you there!


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