Congratulations Graduates!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend and got lots of goodies to gobble up! I hope that all of you got a Gobble Horse or a Happy Thanksgiving K-9 !

So I know TM showed you guys where the graduation would be held at but, I thought I would shed a little more light on when exactly the graduation will be!

I double checked the stage to make sure everything was in order! I also tried on my cap and gown and I think I look pretty smart! What do you guys think?

Also I will be sending out the invites to everyone, you can share with your friends, family, and fellow breeders! All the graduates have been contacted but there is still time for you to participate in the graduation ceremony if you have completed all classes! Just drop a nc in the mailbox in the courtyard, named graduation application if you have finished all your classes!

So now the moment we have all been waiting for!
I am proud to announce the very first graduating class of A.R.U.

The following will be graduating on Sunday December 2, 2012 at 1 PM SLT! You guys are all invited to come watch and join in on the party afterwards!!

Draco Carpaccio
Trinityskye Zarco
Demonessa Afterthought
Ayanna (mastersgirl.idlemind)
Dancer Greenfield

Congratulations graduates you have earned it! I hope to see you all there, if you have any questions about the A.R.U. Graduation please contact Avalon Crystal!
Happy breeding everyone this is Ava, over and out!


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