Local Organization Receives $22,913.30 From Online Virtual Fundraiser Selling Limited Edition Virtual Horses

From Southern Tier Alternative Therapies: 

From Australia to Washington State, from California to the United Kingdom, children with Autism throughout the world will benefit from a virtual fund raiser located in a 3D world.
The Amaretto Ranch Breedable (ARB) community from the program called Second Life has come together again for a great cause. By purchasing special limited edition virtual horses which can be raised, bred and sold in this virtual world, ARB was able to raise $137,479.75 USD to benefit organizations which offer therapy to children with Autism.
Amaretto put out four unique horses; two horses designed with puzzle pieces to fit the theme for Autism Awareness and the other two were decorated in a May Flowers/Spring Showers theme and were made available for avid collectors and equine enthusiasts in the virtual world of Second Life. The detailed and interactive horses are popular with hobbyists who can enjoy the care and maintenance of the online pets as well as experimentation with breeding of the pets for creative results and new highly coveted and rare colorations.

The Avatar and Amaretto Ranch Breedables team member in charge of setting up the event was Avalon Crystal. Avalon Crystal said, “This is the first one we have done for the kids, so I hope it will be the best!”

Amaretto had their highest numbers for fund raising via the limited edition horses. Each horse sold for L$1,125 lindens (the virtual currency used in Second Life). This translates to around $4.80 USD each. The fund raiser was held over a five day period from Monday April 25 to Friday April 29.

The funds were raised to support six different organizations around the world which provide Equine Therapy, otherwise known as Hippotherapy, to autistic children. All six organizations were quite surprised and grateful for the gift, each receiving a total of $22,913.30 USD.

Southern Tier Alternative Therapies, Inc.

“$22,000 will serve 200 kids! Equine Therapy changes lives, changes outcomes and improves quality of life like no other. It will be used for scholarships and will make an astounding impact on our organization, of our community of children with disabilities. People like you and the others in your group will make such an obvious difference, such an impact. Your unprompted generosity is astounding! I want to thank you for choosing STAT. Thank you with all my heart.” Catherine Markosky, Executive Director for STAT, after receiving word from Christina Galanis of Southern Tier Health Link who initially found STAT from a Google search.

Other organizations to receive donations are:
Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center – Woodinville, WA
REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Program – Bonsall CA
Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia (RDAA)
Riding for the Disabled Association of UK
McKenna Farms, GA

Each member of the Amaretto Team shared stories they were hearing from the community, many of them heartfelt and show just how much impact a virtual community can have.

Trinityskye Zarco commented, “I love mine! I bought mine for my 19-year-old Down’s Syndrome son who has, after 15 of those years, struggled to get diagnosed with Autism because of lack of funding. He goes on the U.K. horses in the U.K. and they struggle for cash, so I’m happy as punch! Tomorrow when he wakes I will show him the virtual horses and he will love them. He loves to see them on my screen and that is priceless to me.”

Kracklin’ Kahlan stated: “I have supported the other limited editions which have come out, but the autism awareness horse has really brought me to tears. I think it is awesome a group like Amaretto reaches out to so many different folks in the interests of what is affecting people these days. I’m a mother of an autistic child.”

Dina Delicioso said, “Thanks to Amaretto for this charity. This cause hits home for me and my family. You guys are great!”

Owner of Amaretto Ranch Breedables, Josaphine Cooperstone, is quick to add, “It is our community which is great. Without the generosity of the ARB community we could never do any of this.”

The ARB team members credit the success of the fund raisers on the community.

Tasia Tonic, Head of Marketing for Amaretto says, “We have one of the greatest communities for any virtual product anywhere on the net. We will keep doing what we are doing and grow with our community. We cannot thank them enough. We look forward future fund raisers.”



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