While in the Holiday spirit, or while he was in the holiday spirits I don’t know which, but sometime during the Holiday Office party here at the ranch Jaysin bumped the Horse Haven vendor which toppled into the Puppy Paradise Vendor that went flying into the Bird Sanctuary Vendor, omg was it a mess but now as a gift to everyone Haven, Paradise & Sanctuary points are DOUBLED!

Everyone at the Amaretto Ranch would like to wish the entire Amaretto Community a Happy Holiday!

1. If you are purchasing horses/bundles, K-9s/kennels, or Birds/nests to haven you must re-rezz them so that you will get the points and not the person who previously owned them!

2. The double points will begin tonight December 23, 2012 at 11:59 pm SLT and end at 11:59pm Slt, on December 25th.

3. You can check your points at any Amaretto location by using the balance inquiry button, or you may visit the haven sim and use the chess piece(for horses) the fire hydrant (for K-9s) or the giant Henny Penny (for Birds).

4. Please be sure when you are using the vendor that you are choosing the item you wish to purchase as returns and exchanges will not be given.

5. Horses must be above version 1.3 to receive double points for horse haven. K-9s and Barnyard Birds must all be 1.0 or higher.

Happy Holidays to all!!


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