Goodbye Old, Hello New

Well, it’s almost time for the New Year!


Saying goodbye to the Old Year.


I have been doing a lot of thinking about the past year. A lot of good times, that will stay in my memories and also some sad times that have taught me things and made me a stronger person.


Saying hello to the New Year


To new beginnings

Let us all start fresh, and make this the best year we ever had.


To our Dreams

May everyone find a path that leads them to fulfill their most wanted hopes and dreams, a path that is lit by happiness,


To our friends and loved ones

Let us not forget to take the time to let them know how important they are, and that we cherish each and everyone of them, and how much they mean to us to have them in our lives.





Recipe for a Happy New Year

Author: Unknown



take twelve whole months, clean them thoroughly of all bitterness, hate, and jealousy. Make them just as fresh and clean as possible.


Now cut each month in to twenty-eight, thirty, thirty-one different parts, but don’t make up the whole batch at once. Prepare it one day at a time out of these ingredients.


Mix well into each day one part of faith, one part of patience, one part of courage, and one part of work.


Add to each day one part of hope, faithfulness, generosity, and kindness. Blend with one part prayer, one part meditation, and one good deed. Season the whole with a dash of good spirits, a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play, and a cupful of good humor.


Pour all of this into a vessel of love. Cook thoroughly over radiant joy, garnish with a smile, and serve with quietness, unselfishness, and cheerfulness.


Your final results may vary depending on your attitude.


Have a Happy New Year!



For those of you who go out for New Years Eve, please be safe, don’t drink and drive, and be aware that there are others out there that are drinking and driving.


From Mal to all of you….YOU are special to me!!!

Happy New Year


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