Gather ‘round and listen here

K-9 kennels are birthing near

Bred from two Holiday K-9s, New or Retro

Something “wild” is about to unfold

Would ya look at that, is it so?

A Giraffe putting on a show

And over there, behind that tree

Is that a Zebra staring at me?

Ahh! Oh no! What made that tremendous growl?

It is a ferocious Jaguar on the prowl!

My goodness, could it be true

A fierce little Tiger is wandering through!

Now you know the savage truth

It’s In to the Wild for me and you!

So grab your Holiday K-9 and put them together to breed

The Kennel you get from them could be a WILD surprise indeed!


That’s right…

If you breed any of the holiday K-9 together, The 2012 or The Retro, you have a chance at getting an “In to the Wild K-9”. These are amazingly cute little pups! The coat, eyes, and collar are passable from the In to the Wild K-9!!  So gather up those Holiday K-9 and start breeding them together! I have included a pic for you to drool over!


Happy WILD breeding!!

Until next time….


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