Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!! Today I would like to announce some MEGA news! Amaretto has been having Q&A sessions for the community and we have suggestion  boxes set up at all Amaretto locations. We have these set up so we can hear your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions!  Well, a suggestion that we have heard very often is the request for larger packs of Breedable Food and Salt Licks. So, we listened! Starting today, Amaretto now offers a Mega Breedable Food pack which contains 100 Breedable Foods and a Mega Salt Lick pack which contains 100 Salt Licks. Amaretto is offering these packs to you at 15% off the original prices. That’s right, by purchasing the Mega packs; you will be saving 15% off the original prices! So, trot on down to one of our many locations and pick up your Mega Breedable Food Packs and Mega Salt Lick Packs today!








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