Amaretto Mentor Program

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Today I wanted to talk to everyone about the Mentor program that Josie blogged on yesterday. You can read that blog here:

Amaretto Mentor Program

The  has come to life to help anyone in need of information and guidance from an experienced breeder. The Amaretto Mentor Program is something that everyone can take part in.
So if you are needing help you can go to any main Amaretto Breedable locations Haven Sim, University Sim an Boomtown Sim click the board that states New to Amaretto Breedables ? Would you like help from an experienced breeder ?
You will be contacted by a member of the Amaretto staff with further instructions regarding your mentor.
Amaretto needs Mentors for the K-9’s the mentors are not Amaretto Staff but the mentor can ask any staff if you have questions that they can’t answer. Anyone interested in becoming a K-9 Mentor just click the become a mentor board you will be contacted by Amaretto Staff.

Also just want to mention get those notecards in for the Horse Race tomorrow Feb 28 at 11am Sl Time. Send Note cards to Avalon Crystal or Karrie Woyseck if you plan to race.

As Always Happy Breeding!

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