Hot off the Press!!!!!

There is something new at all the Amaretto Stores!


Amaretto has a book available called HOW TO FILE A TICKET. It was written by Avalon Crystal and it’s awesome. It is a simple instruction guide. Right beneath the book are 2 different Website boards that you can click on to pull the sites up for Support or the Main site. Wow!!!! This will surely come in handy when little things do go wrong. This book is available at all Amaretto Store Locations , and it is FREE!!!!


I have included 2 pictures below that shows you what the display looks like when you visit the store.

 amainfobook amainfobook2


While I have you here, I would like to say I had a great time at the fishing event and congratulations go out to the top 5 winners!


1st place FabryFlozZ72 Burt

2nd place hyve28 Resident

3rd place Serenity Jierdon

4th place Brook Demonia

5th place Misery Babii



Don’t forget… The Easter Egg Hunt, March 28th at 11:00am slt

See you there!!!!


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