Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone is ready for a fun filled Memorial Day Weekend. Many of you will be enjoying long weekends and have extra time on your hands. I had a wonderful vacation at the beginning of this month and visited two of the most amazing museums in Ohio. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum was just awesome to walk thru and see the many treasures it held. Then we headed to the Football Hall of Fame which was so cool. The bonus of going to this museum was that I actually got to meet one of the Amaretto Community, Kini Barbosa. I have included a picture of us meeting at the Football Hall of Fame for all of you to see below! It was so cool to meet in person!
My trip made me want to remind you all about the Amaretto Museum located on the University sim, this is a great place to spend some time! The University sim itself is beautiful but the Museum, wow it is so much fun to walk thru there and remember back to all the different Amaretto Horses that have been released since that wonderful September day back in 2010 when Amaretto Ranch galloped into Second Life. If that’s not enough to take in please don’t forget to walk thru the K-9 and Barnyard Bird areas, you are sure to find some cuties there that will make you smile.
I like to go to the Museum and look at all the Amaretto Horses there and then go out into the community and look around. It’s fun to see just what you guys have all done with the traits to make each of the horses unique and fun! It’s amazing to see the way the different coats look with various traits, especially the combinations you would have never thought of!
So this weekend take some time to go visit the Amaretto Museum look around at all the fabulous horses there, then head out to the many different markets in the Amaretto Community and maybe you’ll find the inspiration for your next breeding project.


Until next time, stay safe and Happy Breeding!!


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Go to the Museum!


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