A Great Day For Springtime Fishing!

Today was a beautiful day for fishing down on the Boomtown Fishing dock! There was a lot of fun, laughter, jokes, and friends! It was so relaxing with all the springtime décor and the birds chirping! If you didn’t make it down you definitely missed out on a good time! It was a super close contest but in the end we had 5  fishermen that took the prizes! In First Place we had Skittelzz Carlucci, and in a close Second Place was MastersGirl Idlemind, and reeling in Third Place was Elaine Lectar, Fourth Place went to Lilevil Flux, and last but certainly not least was starrlina Lionheart!! I want to send a HUGE congrats out to our winners and I also wanted to thank everyone who came down and made this event an amazing one!! Be sure to keep your eyes open for some fun events coming in June! You will not want to miss them!

P.S. Make sure to gallop on down to the Breedables Fair still going strong! Amaretto has some great displays set up for you all!

Until Next time….


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