Hey guys its Terrific Tuesday!

Man do I have some exciting news for all my breeding friends!
Ive been hard at work setting up the OOAK auction and im exhausted!

I have been setting out all the donations, I hope that you will come down and take a look!
After long thought and some hard work we have decided to add one more OOAK horse!

This is something new and exciting that Amaretto is trying for the first time, we plan to raffle off a horse!

Take a look at the Amaretto OOAK 100 Years of Hope Zebra!


How does this raffle work? Well you just have to pay the kiosk next to the horse to enter at your chance to win the Amaretto OOAK 100 Years of Hope Zebra!

Amaretto OOAK 100 Years of Hope Zebra will have the ability to pass its wings and eyes!

There are two different options to enter, you can purchase one entry for 200 lindens or 5 entries for 800 lindens! Remember that all the proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life!
Just to recap that you have a chance to win the Amaretto OOAK 100 Years of Hope Zebra by entering the raffle, you can find this raffle kiosk and the horse at the auction area. The raffle begins today and will run until Saturday June 22nd at 6 PM! Good luck all!
Here is a ride to the auction area!


I know last week said we would be releasing more information about the 4 OOAK Apocalypse Horses, so I am pleased to announce that these 4 horses posses some very special and new traits! I can’t tell you what they are but I think this will be very exciting!

Please remember that if you want to bid on any of the auction items you must be in the Auction for a cure group, we have set out a group joiner at the auction area so you can join. If you want to bid and will not be on the sim or attending please let Avalon Crystal know you will be needing a proxy bidder!

Good luck all and lets make this auction a huge success for Relay for Life! If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal!

This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding all!


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