Summer Time Fun!!!!

Well it is the middle of Summer and the heat index is high and nothing feels any better on a hot day than a dip in the pool or a swim in the lake, river, bay, ocean or sea, depending on where you live… If your on a beach you get the sounds of the waves and the tropical scent of tanning oils and sun screen in the air, seagulls flying by and squawking, lots of laughter can be heard, and this can bring a smile to anyones face. So seeing this is SL, and we can control the heat index here, this month Avalon and I decided to do a beach party event. So get those bathing suits on and lets have a great time together!!!Lots of cool music to dance to, a beautiful pool with floats in it, a nice sandy beach too, so gather up all your friends, come join us for a great time, and cool off and relax in the water… This event is Thursday July 25th at 3:00 pm (slt) and here are some pictures below of the pool and beach.


Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (132,



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (137,

Looking at the calendar for July I see one more event scheduled.


Also Saturday July 27th at 3:00 pm (slt) A.M.O.C. has a Horse Race Planned. The race will be held at Denimore Horses Breeding, Entry forms are available though group notice (AMOC) and they are also in the AMOC Boards on the sims they are rezzed on. The deadline for entry is July 26th as time is need to schedule the heats for the event. As always it really fun to watch the races even if you don’t enter.!!!


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