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Do you read ? The Manual that come in the boxs with your new breedables ? There is really alot of information there !

Well lets take a look at the Horse Manual

This manual will give you the basics on how to start breeding your own Amaretto Horses.
First read these items below about the horses, they will help with future questions:
*To get started, rez a BabyBundle you purchased from your inventory on the ground. Click the bundle and select the “birth” option to rez your new baby horse, foal. Your new little foal has a default range of 5 meters from “home” which is the spot where you birthed them. To move your foal just select edit and move, or the foal can be taken into inventory and re-rezed to the new location. To set home position in the future click the foal/horse, select settings, set home. Home position does set automatically on rez when you re-rez a horse. The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The Radius of a circle is measured from the center to its edge)


*The foal will get a little bigger each day until it reaches full maturity at age 7 (days). When they reach maturity the fervor will start to rise as long as the happiness is above 75%. Once the fervor reaches 100% they will be able to mate.

* Pregnancy lasts for 3 days. After having the “bundle” it takes 4 days for the female to recover, then 2-3 days for it to get back 100% fervor. The male recovers immediately and begins to gain fervor.

*You can ride your horse once it reaches age 7. To ride you horse first turn off movement on the horse you want to ride, take them into your inventory. Wear your horse from your inventory. In the horses menu you can choose the animation you would like and height adjustment. Your horse will gain happiness while you ride but will also tire faster. Once the energy gets to zero it will detach from you and go back to your inventory. You will need to rez the horse so it can sleep and gain energy back before riding again.
*Please DO NOT send horses, notecards or instant messages to the Amaretto staff or the creator the ONLY way we will be able to assist you is if you file a ticket on the support site. http://support.amarettobreedables.com/

If your Salt licks read 0%!!
Check the description field of the salt lick. Right click and choose edit. You will see something that looks like:
42: Owner Only
The 42 is the number of “licks” left. The hover text may display wrong but the description field is what is important.
As of Update 3.2 Salt licks now have an on/off switch so they can be turned off when not needed by your horses.


Charmed – Special/Rare Horses
Foal – Baby horse
Dam – The mother of the horse
Sire – The father of a horse
BabyBundle – Hay bale/Crate with foal inside waiting to be born.
Coat – Coat type/color
Fervor – LOVE!!!! (100% needed to breed)
Birth – Rez foal from BabyBundle
Pairing – Having two specific horses breed with each other only
Recovery – Waiting period between pregnancies
Retire – At approximately 120 days old the horse will no longer breed.
Forever Foal – Once your horse retires at the age of 120 you may purchase a Forever Foal certificate and have your retired horse fixed so it will never require food again.

:::::Hover Text:::::::

Name: Horse (You have 36 characters to name your horse)
Custom Field: You can type anything here up to 36 characters
Version Number
Owner: Displays the owners name
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nourishment: 0%
Energy/Resting: 20%
Happiness 50%
Fervor: 50%
::::::: Click message :::::::::
Name: Horse (You have 36 characters to name your horse)
Custom Field: You can type anything here up to 36 characters
Version Number
Owner: Displays the owners name
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nourishment: 0%
Energy/Resting: 20%
Happiness 50%
Fervor: 50%
Coat: Appaloosa – Black
Eye: Dark Blue
Mane: Upright……..4 choices Normal Upright, Long, Upright Long
Tail: Upright……. 4 Choices Normal Upright, Long, Upright Long
These stats only show if the horse has the trait, will not show if none:
Luster Hair: High…….. 3 Choices None, Low, High
Luster Coat: High…….. 3 Choices None, Low, High
Gleam Hair: None……3 Choices None, Low, High
Gleam Coat: None……3 Choices None, Low, High
Gloom Hair: None…..6 Choices None, Gloom, Haze, Blush, Chill & Warmth
Gloom Coat: None…..6 Choices None, Gloom, Haze, Blush, Chill & Warmth

You can also refer to the following for answers to many questions others have had as well.
website, http://amarettobreedables.com/
forums, http://forums.amarettobreedables.com/


“Main Menu” first blue menu
Go Home
Send API
Amaretto Website
Wake Up

“Go Home”
[Sends the horse to its home position]

Preg.Boost 1%
Preg. 5%
Main Menu
Sugar Cube
Passion Pill
Am. Cocktail
Healing Kit
Horsey Snack
Endur. Elixer
[Please refer to the Food, Salt Lick & Consumables section of the manual for what each individual consumable is used for]

“Send API”
[We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.]

“Amaretto Website”
[Puts URL for the Amaretto Ranch Website in Local Private Message ]
[Clicking this button provides the horse stats in Local Chat]

[This button is for use with the Amaretto Updater. When an update is issued, you will rez the updater next to the horse, click the horse, click the update button and the horse will update to the correct version.]
“Wake Up”
[This button is used to wake up the horses. Your horse must be at 25% energy in order to wake up.]

Animation [Tiny2, Child, Normal, Cowboy, Tiny1]
Main Menu
Auto Center [Center On, Center Off]
Speed [Running speeds Trot= normal av run, Gallop= 2x normal av run]
Height Adjustment [Default, Height +1, Height -1] To adjust your position on the horse

[Clicking this button will send you a notecard of the Amaretto Ranch Breedable Horses User Manual]

Send API
Horse Haven [Confirm that you want to send horse, and displays points possible]
Name [Rename, Custom, Clear Custom]
More Stats [Displays the following information: Not paired /Mating: Owner/ Food type: Breedable food/Home <52.49036, 217.18810, 21.40429> /Range 5 /Text On /Movement Locked/ Animations On/ Sounds On]
Main Menu
Set Home
Set Range
Text [On,Off]
Movement [Normal,Phantom,Off]
Animations [On,Off]
Sound [On,Off]
Last Bred [Displays in local chat the horse that bred with this horse]
Last Bundle [Displays in local chat the last bundle this horse dropped]
Main Menu
Pairing [Form Pairing, Break Pairing]
Mating [Owner, Group, Anyone]
Parents [Displays in local chat the names of the Parents and their stats]


Main Menu

Well we won’t go into the consumables but they are listed in there also !
Please be sure to read over the manual that comes in with the breedables it is very helpful .


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