Boomtown is Booming!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

I wanted to share with everyone today something that has changed at Boomtown!
That’s right Boomtown is a booming, and had some renovations!

We have placed a bigger and better race track for everyone to race, practice or train on!

If you are interested in finding a race to participate in please contact a memeber of the AMOC group! AMOC hosts a race every month.

In addition to our reg race track we also have barrel racing set up for a different style of racing that is a lot of fun!

Remember this area is open to everyone to use! I have included some pictures of the new racing area at Boomtown!

Track1 Track2 Track3
You can visit in world here:

Don’t forget that I will be picking the pic of the week tomorrow! All entries must be turned in before 1 PM SLT.Remember the winner will get their picture placed on our website as well as displayed at our main store! You still have time to enter just make a notecard with a brief description of your picture and a full perm copy of your picture and drop it into the cameras at all the main store locations!

Well I hope to see you all at Boomtown using the new racing area! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!!


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