Go Fetch!

Today I would like to take a moment to talk to you about the K9 HUD. I will go over how to use this HUD and the fun things you can do with your K9 while using the HUD. While the K-9 is attached to the HUD they receive a boost in Happiness. This happiness boost will increase as long as the K9 stays attached to the HUD.

Let’s first talk about where and how you can get a K9 HUD. To get a HUD simply do the following:

  1. Click on any of your Amaretto K-9s and that will bring up the main menu.
  2. On the menu you will see a Help Button
  3. Click this button and you will get another menu that has a button on it labeled HUD.
  4. After clicking the HUD button you will receive a K-9 HUD in the objects folder in your inventory.
  5. Go to the objects folder and find the K9 HUD
  6. Right click it and select wear. It will attach to the upper left hand side of your screen. (This can adjust this if you wish.)

Next let me cover using the HUD:

  • Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
  • Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
  • Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
  • Now you can choose to have your K-9 do one of the activities listed on the HUD

Come, Stay, Follow

Next let me cover the buttons on the HUD:

  • Connect – This button lets you chose what K-9 you want to interact with
  • Disconnect – This button disconnects the current K-9 from the HUD
  • Follow – the K-9 will follow your avatar
  • Come – The K-9 will walk to your avatar and then sit near you
  • Stay – This will cause the K-9 to sit and stay in its current location
  • Get Ball – This button will send a ball to your objects folder for use with the Fetch button
  • Fetch – This button needs to be activated before you can throw the ball and have your K-9 go get it for you


To play Fetch with the K-9 using the HUD

  • Click the Get Ball button – This will send a ball to your objects
  • Wear the Ball – it will attach to your hand
  • Click Ball to set range for the distance at which the ball will be thrown. You can chose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 meters.
  • Click the Fetch button on your HUD
  • You will see the mouse look button at the bottom of your screen click that to go into mouse look
  • Aim where you want to throw the ball and left click your mouse to throw the ball
  • Your K-9 will run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to you as you will see it back in your hand and you can throw it again and again while your K-9 retrieves it for you.

Once you are done interacting with your K-9 via the HUD or you want to play with a different K-9 click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your K-9 from the HUD and reset Home position where the K-9 is located at the time it disconnects.

So it’s time to play with those K9s and get their happiness rising!

Until next time….


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