Happy Friday Everyone! Today I was reflecting on the last 3 years here at Amaretto Ranch Breedables and all the amazing friends I have made along the way. That’s what I love about Amaretto, our Breedables are about so much more than just Horses, K9s and Birds. It’s about people and friendship and community. I have so many beautiful memories of the last 3 years so I had to share a picture of one of my all-time favorite memories at the bottom of this blog. I was blessed to meet the 2 members of our Amaretto Design Team this year and have shared a picture from where Chronic, Nashville and I met at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We had a great time but did we ever get some strange looks walking around with *THE* Buckethead!

A few month ago I started a thread on the forum where everyone could share their favorite stories about how Amaretto Breedables had impacted their lives. Now would be a good time for everyone to take a minute and go there and read some of the stories shared and even share your own stories. I look forward to reading them all!

Well I really hope that the Amaretto Community is ready to party come Sunday September 1st we will have 5 sims rocking when we start to celebrate Amaretto’s 3rd Birthday! Lots of fun and some great live entertainment as well as the 1st Breeder’s Choice Awards which I can’t wait for!

Hope to see you all out there celebrating with us and until next time and for many years yet to come Happy Breeding!

10:00 am – 10:30 am DJ opening the party!
Prizes and some fun to start the party!

10:30 am – 11:30 am Sassy Nitely
Barbie Horsley is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who also performs in Second Life as Sassy Nitely. Some say her music moves them, others are allured by her charisma, but all are captivated by her soul-felt vocal talent filled with power and grace. Barbie’s shows are colored with catchy acoustic cover and original music and many songs are produced on the spot with the accompaniment of her loop station. “A Barbie Horsley performance is to be savored and not to be missed.”

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm DJ Lynn Wylder
Yep, it’s your neighborhood crazy DJ LYNN!! I’ve been DJ’ing in SL since 2010 and I’m known as the DJ that doesn’t shut the hell up. If I don’t make you laugh/smile/or twist your head in confusion when I’m on stream, then I’m doing something wrong! Music is my passion!

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Dazzlers
DAZZLERS Inc. is a professional cheerleading, dance, and modeling team. They bring class, grace, and beauty to charity events, paid performances and appearances, and modeling events. For more information, see the Dazzlers website at

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Breeders Choice Awards DJ Ava
Amaretto’s first Breeders Choice Award winners will be announced and presented their awards and gifts. Party and celebrate with them!!

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Zak Claxton
Zak Claxton is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and performing musician who is best known over the last six+ years for his online live performances in virtual worlds and remote video streams. A respected multi-instrumentalist, Zak’s first album as a solo artist was released in 2009, and he is currently working on his next release. Zak loves many things, including most kinds of cheese, really nice guitars, pie, and just about all kinds of music.

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm Closing out the party!
More prizes and a lil more fun before the night is over!

We hope everyone will come and spend time with us as we celebrate the day away. All five of the Amaretto Sims will have the stream so the music and fun can be heard by all! We also have AViewTV providing live coverage of all the craziness!

So come on down September 1st and let’s party!




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