Happy Friday everyone!  This was a great week for Amaretto with the release of the 4.0 Update!  With all the excitement of the update I hope everyone has had a chance to see the beautiful new starter coats, the Amaretto Saddlebred’s.  If you’ve not seen them yet use this link to check out pictures of the 4 coat colors on the wiki!



There were also 3 very pretty new starter eyes added in this update.  The Pineapple, Strawberry and Tangerine eyes are going to look just yummy on all the Amaretto Horses!  If you haven’t got to see these eyes yet head over to the wiki and have a look at them.



We have heard so many wonderful things from people in the community regarding this update and the entire Amaretto Team is so happy that people are enjoying the update!  Now if the starters would just hurry up and drop babies …..

Until next time, Happy Breeding!!


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