Hello Amaretto Breeders!!

I am delighted that I get to tell you all what the Showhorse and Best in Show K-9 are for the month of October….

So the Showhorse for October is….Falabella!!! That’s right breed any two Falabellas (any color) together and get a chance at a Showhorse Falabella.

But wait there’s more!!

The Best in Show K-9 for the month of October is……Standard Schnauzer!! That’s right breed any two Standard Schnauzers (any color) together and get a chance at a Best in Show Standard Schnauzer.

That’s it pretty simple, no “Tricks” just some pretty cool “Treats”. So get them bundles and kennels birthing and have some fun breeding for these two “Terrorific” pets!!

Until Next time, Happy Breeding!!


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