Can you help me?

Many years ago I heard a story that I wanted to share with you today.  Well, as the story goes, there had been talk of a large terrifying creature. Many had said that although this animal was massive and hardy; it was a beautiful sight with its thick long flowing hair and beautiful coat. These animals were steady and agile. They are said to be from the parallel universe Counter-Earth or Gor as many of you may know it. They have many similarities to an Earth horse. They are called Kaiila (Ka-EE-la). So after hearing these stories I have been on a quest to find one of these creatures here on Earth. I have searched high and low. From the deserts, to the mountains, to the oceans, I have yet to see one of these creatures with my own eyes. Could you imagine how exciting owning and breeding one of these would be? I am now asking you, can you help me on my journey? Let’s search everywhere!! I am thinking the best place to start would be the Haven sim. It’s so beautiful there and it would be a perfect place for this creature to hide!



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