Birds Birds and more Birds

Today I would like to take a moment to remind you of how amazing the Amaretto Barnyard Birds are! These birds are not only the cutest little things they also produce some very pretty birds. I wanted to show you 2 of the newer breeds, the Ancona and the Blue Andalusian in the blog today, but be sure to check the bird wiki for all the amazing breeds that Amaretto has to offer.

AnconaHen AnconaRooster

BlueAndalusian1 BlueAndalusian2

With the 2013 Fall Collectors Editions many were lucky enough to discover the new beak and leg color that they were hiding. The Granite beak and leg traits gave even more combinations to breed for now!

GraniteLegs GraniteBeakColor

The 2013 Halloween “Frankenbirds” have the ability to pass their very cool Unhallowed eye and also had some surprises hiding! The new shades Slime, Pumpkin and Panic were hiding inside these awesome birds! Now can’t you just picture those amazing birds with these pretty colors on them!

ShadePanic Pumpkin ShadeSlime

I’m very excited to see what the community does with all the trait combinations now available in the Barnyard Birds! Be sure to take pictures of favorite birds and enter the Picture of the Week contest, and let the entire community see how amazing the Barnyard Birds really are!!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!


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