Why I Am Thankful…

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to talk to you all about something that I am thankful for. I am extremely thankful for Amaretto. I don’t even know where to start….

Let me first start by telling you about myself and how I came to be involved with Amaretto Ranch Breedables. Well… I am a single mommy of 4 amazing kids ranging for 17-6 years old. Before Amaretto I was a LVN (licensed vocational nurse). I was injured at work and that basically took away my nursing career as I knew it. While at home recovering I was watching an episode of CSI and I saw this interesting virtual world called Second Life. I was super curious about this “world” I saw on the show so I turned my computer on and logged on to the Second Life website, downloaded the viewer, and was instantly hooked. LOL!

Now if you didn’t already know, Josie is my real life sister. She and I are super close. And well, let’s say, she began to worry when we hadn’t talked in a few days (might have been more lol). So she calls me and asked where the heck I had been. LOL! I then start rambling on about this virtual world I found. I was explaining it to her, telling her about all the clothes, and hair, and shoes, and dance clubs. I was so amazed by it! I then convinced her to make an avatar and log in to Second Life. Well… let’s just say it was downhill, or shall I say uphill from there! Hahaha!

After several months of exploring the grid, going to all the clubs, shopping every store we could find, and spending countless hours working on our houses and land, we discovered vampires! For a while we were a very tight knit and well known Vampire clan here in SL. Josie had met Jaysin shortly she started playing SL, they fell happily in love, and they were the clan King and Queen. This was super fun and exciting but we wanted more! And then….. we found… breedables….

We started with a few Sion eggs, but that quickly snowballed in to “let’s take down the house so we have more prims” or “Let’s take down some trees and stuff to make and area for breeding” LOL! We then tried several other breedables and Josie made a very wise investment and purchased the one and only Nest Egg Market! And after all that, it still didn’t quench Josie and Jaysin’s thirst for wanting more… so then came the idea of trying to create a breedable of their own. They had several ideas and eventually stuck with the idea of breedable horses!

After months of long hours and stressful days, the horses were ready for release!! On September 1 2010, Amaretto changed the face of breedables in Secondlife! Since then, I cannot even begin to explain how much Amaretto, Josie, Jaysin, and all of the staff have changed my life! Josie and Jaysin are definitely two of the kindest and caring people on this planet! They have helped me and my family so much. They have helped me and been there for me on some of the darkest days.

Today I would like to say a thank you to each and every one of my Amaretto family members! I love you all! Well now that I am all teary eyed I will wish you much love and happiness this holiday season!

Happy Holidays and Happy Breeding to each and every one of you!

Until next time….

But wait… I would like to add something…

Josie, you have helped me in so many ways. I cannot put in to words how thankful I am for having a sister like you. Many people have sisters, but only some are lucky enough to call them friends also. I am glad I am one of those few. You are strong, kind, caring, and generous. Those are only a few of your qualities that make you amazing! I love you very much Josie.


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