Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope you all are having a good breeding day !
Today I would like to mention the entires and winners of Amaretto Christmas Breedable Costume Contest . Congratulations to all the winners an thanks to all that entered.

The entires were :

1 :Sȼrαphỹnα AƒтȼrMαTɦ: (seraphyna.viper)
2 Foxie Okelly
3 Anaconda Carter
4 Mami Deerhunter
5 Lisa (lisabella.lane)
6 Daark Gothly
7 Ⓢcɐʀᴌεʈ (scarletbegonias.boucher)
8 Cara Cali (caracali)
9 Chocolate Cherry (olya.lowey)
10 тαтα (gisele rodeyn)
11 Tink Jupiter (garnet.jupiter)
12 Sue Mistwalker

The Winners Are :

1st Place

1 :Sȼrαphỹnα AƒтȼrMαTɦ: (seraphyna.viper)

Tied for 2nd and 3rd place

5 Lisa (lisabella.lane)
10 тαтα (gisele rodeyn)

Congratulations to you all an the winners !!

Also wanted to mention the Amaretto Christmas Ball on December 20th at 5:00 pm SLT

Don’t forget the AMOC Bundle Hunt is today  so get out and find them bundles/ nest/ kennels ‘

Until next week Happy Breeding !


First Place Winner


ChristmasDisplay First Place



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