Reflecting on 2013

Today is my last blog of the year so I thought I would use this time to reflect a little. It’s been a great year for Amaretto and the Amaretto Community. So many beautiful new Limited Editions, so many amazing One of a Kinds, random drops, new Haven Horses, and of course the best of the year had to be the 4.0 Update. So many wonderful new things came from the update and added so much more for all of us to breed for. I love hearing all the new trend horses and projects that everyone is trying for. I truly enjoy listening to everyone talk about their plans and dreams for their “perfect” horse in the group.

Here this last blog of 2013 I want to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Amaretto Community for all the great times we’ve shared together this year. Thank you all for the laughter and sometimes the tears in the main group. Thank you for coming out to the Amaretto events and having a good time with us, and thank you for showing up in masses to support the worthy charitable causes we participate in throughout the year. I’m happy to call a lot of you my friends and I look forward to another amazing Amaretto year in 2014. Stay tuned there’s still a lot of surprises coming from the Ranch!

Until next year, Happy Breeding everyone.


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