Happy New Year’s!!!!

Hello everyone! What a great year this has been. 2013 was filled with so many amazing and fun times! It is now time to move on to 2014 with a smile! Today we had a very fun event to break in the New Year with our community! It was a blast! There was dancing, joking, laughing, and great music! Everything a New Year’s party should be! Thank you everyone who came out to spend time with the staff and fellow breeders! I have included a couple pictures of everyone breaking in 2014 with style!

Draco baby New year

Draco Carpaccio was our Baby New Year!

New Years Party

Everyone Shaking their booties as Miss Dakota was spinning those New Year’s tunes!

New Years Party 1More rump shakin at the New Year’s bash!

I also wanted to remind everyone that the Holiday Limited Edition Horses, Collectors Edition Barnyard Birds, and the Special Edition K-9s will be available for purchase until Jan 1, 2014!!! You can pick these up at any Amaretto location. Here is a list:


If you haven’t picked up yours yet you still have a chance before they are gone!

Happy New Years and Happy Breeding!

Until next time……



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