Locked up! They wont let me out?!

Ive been locked up and they wont let me out?!

That’s right the women of Amaretto have been locked up!
What am I talking about? Well all in the spirit of a good cause and fun we are locking up the women of Amaretto and we need you guys to post bail!

All proceeds from this lock up will go to the RFL vendor! So who are we locking up?

Bail is set!!!
Josaphine Cooperstone – Bail 20k
Avalon Crystal -Bail 15k
Jaymee Caproni- Bail 15k
Dakota Delicioso-Bail 15k
Karrie Woyseck-Bail 15k
maleficent Farshore- Bail 15k

So help your favorite Amaretto Staff member out of lock up! The sad thing is until we all get out there will be no one holding the ranch down?! Yes we will be locked up at boomtown until each of our bail is met!

The lock up will take place at Boomtown on April 2nd @ 12 PM SLT!
This is for a great cause and will be a lot of fun we will play some fun tunes and try to break out together!!!

I have to say TY to snookiegirl for the inspiration on this one! Please don’t feed the prisoners or bring any baked goods! We will see you there!!


This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!!


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