Ladies in Jail !!!

Today the Amaretto ladies were locked up at Boomtown in jail cells that were hanging in the trees. We were all innocent (hehe) but we still got locked up!This was to raise funds for Cancer Research (RFL) We had to depend on the Amaretto Community to bail us out Bail was set as follows


Josaphine Cooperstone – Bail 20k

Avalon Crystal -Bail 15k

Jaymee Caproni- Bail 15k

Dakota Delicioso-Bail 15k

Karrie Woyseck-Bail 15k

maleficent Farshore- Bail 15k


All of the proceeds went to RFL.


Josaphine Cooperstone and Avalon Crystal were the first to be bailed out! It took a little while longer for the rest of us to make our bail, but we did thanks to everyones generous donations!



This was soooo much fun! It started at 12:00 pm (slt) and we were all sprung by 1:47 pm (slt). It was really great to see so many of you come out and post our bail! We had a great time!


We made over 100,000.00 L for a great cause. Thank You!!

The Amaretto Community is the greatest!!!!


Here’s some pictures below.



jail 2


jail 3


jail 5


And thank you Spikie for these two pictures below!


Naughty Ms Karrie


My Poor Kota


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