Sunny with a chance of Rain in the Spotlight

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week and enjoying all the wonderful surprises from your breedables.

It’s been storming an awful here in the USA this week so I thought I would shine my spotlight on adding a little sun to the rain.  This is a project I am just beginning as the idea actually came to me the other day while I was watching it storm outside!  Yes I am talking about the Rain, rain go away eyes and collar in the Amaretto K-9s.  I want to take and combine those with the beautiful Sun colored Paw Polish.  I think it will make a beautiful combination and having the 2 names on the same K-9 will be pretty cute in my opinion!

While working on setting up this project I also found a beautiful yellow collar in my pens called Fishing Line Summer.  I would like to put it with the Sun Paw Polish and can’t decide what a good eye for that project would be so I am hoping that some of you have ideas you can share with me.  Only seems fitting to work on a Sun/Summer project this time of year and I hope the pictures below brighten your day and inspire you to begin your own K-9 project!

Until next week, Happy Breeding!


Rain Rain Go Away  Eye & Collar

Rain Rain Go Away
Eye & Collar

Paw Polish Sun

Paw Polish Sun

Fishing Line Summer Collar

Fishing Line Summer



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