ARU Graduates 2014

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!
We at Amaretto would like to send out Congratulations to the graduates that finished all the classes at Amaretto University!
Attending classes at Amaretto Ranch University is quick, easy and well worth your time. Just look at the pictures below and see how wonderful it is to participate in a beautiful graduation ceremony. Attending ARU is educational even for the most experienced of breeders and knowing that you have a graduation ceremony to look forward too at the end makes it even better!
We look forward to seeing the next wave of students attend classes and start their journey towards an ARU diploma!

Ray Hadisson
Blush Topaz
SeaPhantom Resident
Ashie Karu
Roe Milena
Izzy Coronet
Elaine Lectar
ZeleaC Resident
stolenmoments Resident
PropertyOfMasterViking Resident
NorthernLeaderViking Resident
Nikki Detritus
allensmith Resident
brook1uk Resident
Syndal Reanimator
lunargento Aquila
Selket Moonwall
stefane Klaber
bellaswun Resident
Artemisia Eternal
Spunke Slade
Sky Linnaeus
eLDiOsCronos Amaterasu
007 Luik
Dezzy Fairplay
souly Kleinfeld
Sid Kormann
Metz Oconnell

Until next week Happy Breeding !







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