Chasing K-9S!

Hey everyone hope you are enjoying a Sunday!

I wanted to share with you guys some information about the k-9s!

Did you know that if you breed 2 K-9s together that are siblings that you have a chance at getting a Mutt?

By breeding FULL siblings together you have a chance at getting a Mutt. *In order to be FULL Siblings both K-9s must have the same mother and father.
Here is an example of the Beagle Mutt:


Mutts come with a special eyes that do have the ability to pass check them out here:
Well if you already knew how to get a mutt, then you probably already know how to get a Blanco?

What no?

Well Blanco’s are K-9s that come from breeding two K-9s of the same color coats together. (example: two Red Pie Face Huskies could produce a Blanco Husky).
Blancos come with very special collars that do have the ability to pass!! Check out these super cool collars here:

If a Blanco or Mutt is not what you are after perhaps its an Enchanted K-9!

Amaretto currently has 4 Enchanted K9s that you can get:
Enchanted Anubis
Enchanted Pixie Yorkie
Enchanted Blood Thirsty Beagle
Enchanted Hell Hound

Check them out here:

Enchanted K-9s are very special K-9s that can be born at random from ANY K-9 breeding combination.
Enchanted K-9s are NOT able to pass their coats, eyes or collars. However, you could get extremely lucky and birth another Enchanted K-9.
When you breed an Enchanted K-9 (whether it is with another Enchanted K-9 or any other K-9) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Enchanted K-9.

So there are lots of super cool K-9s to chase after!!! Until next time this is Ava over and out!!


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