Oh So Exotic…

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about the rare barnyard Birds called Exotic Birds. The Exotic Birds are very special birds that can be born at random from ANY bird breeding combination. As an added twist to the Barnyard Birds the Exotic Birds have the possibility of being found in the Starter Packs!!

Let me tell you a little more about these special birds. Exotic Birds are Special/Rare Birds that will give a gradual boost to the Vivacity of birds within 10 meters over a period of time. The breeds or eyes of these cuties do not pass, however, when you breed an Exotic Bird, whether it is with another Exotic Bird or any other bird, you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Exotic Bird. The non-Exotic offspring of Exotic Birds do NOT have an increased chance of producing Exotic Birds.

Amaretto currently offers the following Exotic Birds



Rubber Chicken

Rubber_ChickenHen Rubber_ChickenRooster


Robotichen RoboticRooster Blue_BeaconSo get those Barnyard Birds breeding or go get you some starter packs to try and get one of these amazing little Exotic Birds!

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