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Happy Thursday Everyone!  I thought today’s edition of my spotlight would shine brightest on my most favorite thing about Amaretto, our community!  In one month Amaretto will celebrate its 4th Birthday in Second Life and as I look back I marvel at how much things have grown and changed.  The one thing that has stayed consistent is the dedication of the amazing Amaretto Community.  We’ve all celebrated milestones and joyous occasions together. We have all mourned losses and grieved for lost Community members together.  As a community Amaretto has achieved monumental highs when we have pulled together for Relay for Life and other charitable causes.  I watch daily as people talk in group and realize how lucky we all are to be mere clicks away from people all around the globe united together in friendship always pulling together to help or just listen to one another.

It’s not the traits no matter how many or how few on a horse.  It’s not a certain coat or breed of the Amaretto Horses, K-9s or birds that make Amaretto special.  From the very beginning it has and always will be the Amaretto community that makes Amaretto Breedables special.  A prime example came to me this morning when I asked in group and if anyone was around to help me with a picture for my blog today.  Without hesitation you can see below how many people showed up to help me and it wasn’t even 5am slt yet!  That’s pretty cool to know that it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you need someone you will always find a willing community member in the Amaretto main group.   I hope if anyone of you out there in the community are struggling and feel alone that you take this blog to heart and remember when you think all else is lost you still have your Amaretto Community to turn too and there is always someone on that you can talk to.

I asked each one of the lovely people that showed up to take a picture with me this morning to answer one question for me.  Is there anything you’d like to say about the Amaretto Community? Below I have posted their answers without using their names because after reading them I think their sentiments speak for many of us in the Community!  Until next time, Happy Breeding and a great big group hug to the whole Community <3


I believe the Amaretto community is a great big virtual family – united by a common love of breeding Amaretto horses – a community that enjoys and celebrates their passion with each bundle drop – a lovely community that has a fantastic foundation!!

That I Love this community! It’s amazing! And Love being a part of such an amazing community of wonderful people and horses

How much I love the amaretto community and staff as all are very helpful and welcoming and also I wouldn’t really call us a community we are more like family


Without my Amaretto Breeder Friends I would really miss something in my life – not only in Second Life, but life in total: Love you, Amaretto’s

People are helpful & generous! (I won’t talk about the whiners mostly people are genuinely helpful & generous


It never ceases to amaze me how helpful the Amaretto Community is, and how much we genuinely care for each other.  It’s a privilege to be part of such an amazing community. We celebrate together, and mourn together. It’s really a beautiful thing.





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