Amaretto 2014 Breeders Choice Awards Voting Is Open!!

It’s time to get those votes in for Amaretto’s 2nd Breeder’s Choice Awards! Below are the instructions for voting!!

Step 1


Step 2
Select your language preference and select the Amaretto’s 2nd Breeders Choice Awards survey

Step 3
Next enter the following information:
SL First name, SL Last name, Email address, and Security question

Step 4
An email will be sent to the address you provided with access details for this survey. Please follow the link in that email to proceed.

Step 5

After clicking the link with in the email you will be asked to answer the security question and click continue.

Step 6
On the next page you will have some important information to read, when you are finished you click next to start the voting

Step 7
Be sure to vote on each category, there are 10 in total.

Step 8
Once you are finished voting you hit the submit button to send in your votes and you are all done!

Below are the nominees!!

Best Auction House:
Stone Pony Ranch
The Nest Egg Marketplace
Madness Auctions
E&S Breedables
Aly’s Amaretto Horse Auction

Best Breedable Market:
Minx Farms
Madness Auctions
Forrest Knolls
Stone Pony Ranch
E&S Breedables

Best Third Party Product:
Riders Products (Race Kristan)
212 Designs (Storm Clary)

Best Amaretto Collection:
Duckys Plaza (Duckkula Resident)
Sluuge Resident
Corith Creations (Robert Corith)
Blake Sion
Kizy Kayo

Favorite Trend-setter Horse:
Pink Diamond
Heart Attack

Best Auctioneer:
Snookiegirl Resident
Jeannaj Resident
Raven Greenspan
desperada Resident
Reygan Landar

Most Creative Breeder:
Jesterofsorrow Resident
Duckkula Resident
Marco Denimore
RobbyDiggler Resident
JonSnow2012 Resident

Most Helpful Breeder:
Mami Deerhunter
TaylorRanger Resident
Nell Woodget
desperada Resident
Despina Boucher

Best Comedic Breeder:
Ashtonsky Resident
Roccoraser Bombastic
Jeff Melendez
Duckkula Resident
Mystic Berry

Biggest Spammer Award:
Jewelsjagged Resident
Gisele Rodeyn
Skylarbear Resident
SillaDaimon Resident
Lollee Sweetwater


Happy Voting and Breeding!!

Until next time….


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