Eve of Christmas Eve!

Eve of Christmas Eve is here!!!!

The elves in Santa’s workshop
Are busy as can be.
They all are working ’round the clock
On toys for you and me.
They’re painting dolly faces,
And running trains on tracks.

They’re testing all the snare drums,
And tightening the tacks.
While all of you are sleeping,
And resting in your beds,
The elves up north are making
Strong runners for your sleds.

They do their best to make up
A gift for everyone
And give us each a special taste
Of merry Christmas fun!

Santa Claus is big and fat
He wears black boots
And a bright red hat

His nose is red
Just like a rose
And he ho ho ho’s
From his head to his toes.


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This is Ava over and out and hope that all of you are safe and enjoy the holiday!


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