This Weeks Amaretto Breeder Interview

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day.
This week I have chosen Molly Lundquist to interview everyone in the group knows Molly as she is very helpful to all the breeders in the Amaretto Main Group. Thank you Molly for letting me interview you this week.

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?
I live in New Hampshire, and I read an article about Second Life and decided to see what it was all about. That was almost 8 years ago! I’m still here! LOL

Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?
I own just horses now, but I did breed the K9s for a short time.

How did you get started in breedables?
My friend Darling invited me to see her horses, she showed me how they could be ridden, and then she proceeded to give me about 6 horses. After the first few bundles I was hooked!

Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?
I bred Meeroos for a while, but decided I liked the horses a lot more because of the interaction.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?
I have a few sib sets breeding, with the hopes of getting an Albino. I also have a “White Project” and a “Black Project”

What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable?
It’s a horse, of course, but if I have to pick just one…
I was speechless for a while when I clicked the stats for that bundle. (I know. It’s hard to believe me being speechless)
Coat: Charmed Rainbow Zebra White
Eye: Rainbow Zebra
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Coat Gleam High
Hair Gleam High
Ankh Branding
Socks Pink
Bridle Pink
Speed Class A
Stamina Class A
What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables?
I like to wander around the markets to see what other people are breeding. I also do a little building for personal use, and I enjoy shopping. 🙂

I have included some pictures of Molly’s favorite horses.

Until next week Happy Breeding!!

Connection pic 1 Mollya

Connection pic 2 mollyb

Connection pic 3 Mollyc


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