Amaretto Security!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take some time and talk to everyone about something you may have seen but hopefully haven’t!

With version 5.0 we implemented many security features. New changes implemented in the food and consumables include when you purchase a product you are given a count.

For example when purchasing a 6 pack of Amaretto Brand Breedable Food, your are given 6 counts, When you set out a food the count is taken away.

What does it mean? Well to be frank we can tell what products you have or haven’t rezzed, how much of each product have been used or not used.

This is what solves the issue of cheating in world, even if you could duplicate or copy bot a product you can not add a count to our servers so it would make the copy useless.

Another thing I want to mention is people who try to tamper with our products, this is not a good idea. We have placed a warning system that will notify the owners, scripters, and mangers of Amaretto when someone does something with our products scripts that they should not.

You will see the following in world:
This incident has been reported! Thank you for breaking Amaretto’s TOS!

We will see a message like this:
An unauthorized user has acquired a non-initialized Consumable.
Owner’s name is Avalon Crystal
The Owner’s key is 0308d115-fd8f-4db4-844c-80ffb3dc5de5
The location is at A Secondlife Sim (186,149,21)

When we receive this message you better believe we will be visiting you in world shortly. I know that these things may seem a little harsh but we will go to very extreme lengths to protect our products, our community, and our breeders!

Anyone we find tampering with our products or trying to exploit the system will banned from Amaretto products, groups, and sims.

Please be aware of the TOS agreement that is in every Amaretto product sold and listed on the wiki.

Remember this will most likely not effect you because you are not going to be doing things with Amaretto products that you should not.


Well until next time guys happy breeding! This is Ava over and out!


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