Weekly Review on Auctions!

Today I went to an awesome Drop Auction at United Nations Breedable Market! This market is a very nice market, with lots of nice people!!! Todays auctioneer was Magneto Bashly . There was lot of great horses there and the Magneto kept the auction going a at fast and steady pace!

They have 4 different Auctioneers and 1 fill in.

Magneto Bashly does the 9:30 drop auction

EVILK9 does the 10 pm Regular auction

G PEREZ does the 10 pm Regular auctions

ARABEL does the 3 pm drop auctions

ZARI does the fill ins

Auction Schedule:

9:30 drop auction everyday

3 pm drop auction on Tuesday and Thursday

10 pm classic auction everyday

united nations 1

united nations2

united nations 3

After the auction don’t forget to check out the market and see the great deals there!!Also stop by the Amaretto Horse Store for all your horses needs!

Amaretto Store


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